Val at Portuguese Island
Val (the guy) at Portuguese Island



Val at Portuguese Island
Val at Portuguese Island with friends

Thanks for visiting! I appreciate the time you have taken to visit this little corner of the World Wide Web.

I built these ValsDaily branded websites for anyone seeking information, education and inspiration when it comes to building the lifestyle of their dreams. Currently you are on the health related website, which emphasizes on health and fitness, dieting and exercise. The other two ValsDaily sites are; ValsDaily ( emphasizing on money management and generating extra income particularly online, and ValsDaily Travel ( emphasizing on travel hacking, leisure, foods of the world and the digital nomad lifestyle. VALS, which is part of the brand’s name, is a nickname I picked up over the years (My name is Valentine) but it is also an acronym for Value Added Lifestyle Sources – VALS. ValsDaily websites are exactly that; platforms for you to find valuable information from various sources to help you build that lifestyle you so deserve!

Valentine Kabo Butale is my full name and I was born sometime in the 90s in the Republic of Botswana (Lonely Planet’s best place to visit in 2016). I am a Marketing graduate and (thanks to Udemy) a self-taught Digital Marketer. The last job I had with a ‘boss’ was in 2017 and now I’m fully self-employed thanks to online marketing. I am not a guru, I am not a millionaire with a fancy sports car (not yet anyway), but I love my new, relatively freer life. March 2018 was the first time I went on a ship cruise! That experience is what got me started with ValsDaily Travel and ValsDaily Health (all those beach bodies….I want one too!). My dream is to make the ValsDaily brand a go-to brand when seeking some inspiration and education. If you feel you can be part of this vision and produce original content for ValsDaily, contact me! Otherwise, just sit back, enjoy our content, and don’t forget to check the other two sites as well!

Once again, this content is sourced from multiple places. I have done my best to make sure each article attributes its original author and links to its original source. If you feel an article here is infringing on copyright laws, feel free to let me know and I will pull it down.