These IG Accounts Will Help You Get Into Shape


Feeling unmotivated? Lacking inspiration in the gym? Looking for new ways to improve your workout game? Then grab your equipment because these IG accounts will give you all the motivation and information you need.

It is easy to feel a little stuck in the gym yet all you want is get your workout on and get those gains. I know that frustration. So, these five IG accounts are some of my favorite fitness coaches and trainers that share amazing workouts along with useful tips regarding hitting the gym and slaying the kitchen game.

Alexia Clark (@alexia_clark)

Alexia is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Specialist. Despite having her own online fitness program,  she shares daily workouts which serve as inspiration for anyone who is looking to get toned and strong. The workouts include either weights, resistance bands, TRX or just bodyweight exercises! There are no excuses. Plus, her gym outfits are to die for and she has the cutest dogs.

Katie Crewe (@katiecrewe)

Katie is Nutrition and Fitness Coach. She shares the most amazing and killer workouts. Most are based on weightlifting, but she also targets core, balance and bodyweight workouts. She also shares great progression tips for how to improve your push ups, planks, pistols, etc. She also has both a strength guide and a body weight home guide.  Don’t forget to check her out! PD: she has the fluffiest cat ever.

Madalin Giorgetta (@madalingiorgetta)

Madalin is an Australian Personal Trainer and Youtuber. She shares daily workout tips for working your glutes, since that is her main focus. Yet, she does have a workout guide called Body by MG (both a gym and home version) which targets every muscle! She also recently launched a new cookbook called “Not Another Diet Cookbook” where you can find nutrition based plant-based meal plan ideas. She is the perfect inspiration you need since she always shares progression pictures where she shows how with hard work everything is possible.

Des Scoggin (@desb___) 

Took suns out buns out a LIL too literally when I lost my bottoms tubing, BUT WE GUUD! 😅🍑🌊 #thriving Spending my weekend here in Ohio, out on the lake with fam + my boyfriends fam soaking up the summer vibes! 😎🌸🌈 It’s been nice to have work take a small backseat this weekend and really focus on me and having some fun. ☀️ The past few months I’ve reeaallyy run myself thin, and it wasn’t until a few weeks ago I realized that. Now, I’ve taken time to refill my own cup, enjoy time with my family, really be able to enjoy prep, and pump the brakes.. waddya know, I’ve actually been 9x MORE productive *and less moody lols* since I’ve done that. 👏🏽 Self love and awareness is truly a major key. Now, I’m off to relax and unwind with some🦄 tears in my hand and not a dang thang on my mind. xx Have you ever felt this way?? Tell me ya girl is NOT alone. 🙆🏽‍♀️ 🕶 / @mvmtforher code “desb” 👙/ @forever21 *don’t forget to checkout my giveaway on my last post with @theshoefairy_ ✨* #lakelife #funinthesun☀️ #npcbodybuilding #legsfordays #npcbikiniprep #slayallday #tubingfun #blessed #GloryToGod #SummertimeFine #ohioisbetterthanmichigan

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Des, or DesB as she likes to be called, is a Certified Personal Trainer. Currently training for her body building competition, she still shares killer workouts focused on weights. She also shares great tips when it comes to eating in restaurants and wanting to hit your macros or if you are just interested in finding healthier options when going out. She also has fit training guides and ebooks and great community where everyone shares their progress!

Jordan Syatt (@syattfitness)

“I had a bad night,” she wrote. “I didn’t binge but I went way over my calories even though I wasn’t even hungry. I was just eating because food was in front of me.” – I almost hit reply but scrolled and saw more. – “But, J, even though the scale is up and I went over last night…I don’t feel guilty. I’m not upset. I know I didn’t fail because – like you say – no one got fat from eating a donut just like no one got skinny from eating a salad.” – “But here’s what I realized,” she said. “I used to fail because I’d ‘mess up’ and use that mess up as an excuse to keep messing up. To eat whatever I wanted and delay getting back on track. I didn’t realize it then…but it was an excuse. An excuse that perpetuated my yo-yo dieting.” – “But get this, J. Now I know you’re never more than one bite away from being right back on track. Never! You’re always, at most, one bite away. And knowing that is so empowering. So powerful. Because you can’t fail. You can’t mess up. No matter what, success is just one bite away. And that’s why I was able to get right back on track today rather than hate myself for eating too much last night and continuing this morning.” – “Anyway, J, sorry for rambling. I’m just excited because I think this is really going to help me develop a better relationship with food while achieving my goals. Feel free to share it with your other clients as well, if you like!” – In October 2014, an online coaching client wrote this email to me in her daily check-in. – I didn’t realize it at the time, but this phrase – “You’re never more than one bite away from being right back on track” – completely changed my career and massively improved the success of all my future clients and Inner Circle Members. – I hope it helps you. Because no matter what happens…no matter what you eat or how much…you’re never more than one bite away from being right back on track. – #nutrition #nutritionist #nutritionable #nutritionplan #diet #dietplan #dietfood #dietitian #ketodiet #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #highcarb #mealplan #mealprep #mealprepsunday #alwaysoptimal #syattfitness

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Jordan is the creator of an amazing community called the Inner Circle which includes a fitness plan, a nutrition plan and support portal. Even if you do not choose to join, Jordan’s IG page is full of motivation, great tips, and amazing information regarding everything you need to know to fuel yourself properly for your workout. He teaches you how to correctly lift certain weights, how to write a workout routine, how to properly loose fat or build muscle, and just plain incredible inspiration you might need day to day. All while creating a safe, healthy and funny supportive community.

Now that you have the proper motivation and information, what are you waiting for?

We all go through a rough patch when we get stuck in our daily gym routines. We get bored, it happens to everybody. But the solution isn’t to just slouch on your couch and wait for a miracle. Get out there and look for inspiration. And if you do not know where to look, I have provided you with enough in order to break out that lazy spell. Make sure to check out all these amazing people and get that work out running!

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